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Centennial eNewsletter


Torrance Centennial eNewsletter is a monthly publication of the Torrance Centennial Committee.  The purpose is to offer you new information each month on activities and events related to the rich history of our great City of Torrance.  Each edition will feature not only little known factoids about Torrance, but also what's happening next in the year-long Torrance Centennial Celebration.  A new eNewsletter will be published the first of each month at 10:00 a.m. 

You can view the eNewsletter Archive by clicking here and you can also sign-up for eNewsletters by clicking on "Join Our Mailing List!"

E-mail questions, comments, and suggestions to Centennial@TorranceCA.Gov.

Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 12 - October 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 11 - September 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 10 - August 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 9 July - 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 8- June 2012 


 Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 7- May 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 6 - April 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 5 - March 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 4 - February 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 3 - January 2012


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 2 - December 2011 


Centennial eNewsletter | Issue 1 - November 2011

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