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Torrance Q&A


Twenty Questions about Centennial Torrance
(more will follow)

Compiled by Tom Rische

1. 2012 will be the 100th anniversary of Torrance"s (a) discovery; (b) founding; (c) incorporation; (d) becoming an "All-American" city.

2.  Torrance 's founder was (a) an early missionary; (b) a rancher;  (c) an industrialist;  (d) a land grant heir.

3. A major problem of early Torrance was (a) dust storms; (b) locusts; (c) toxic smoke and wastes; (d) flooding.

4. Torrance 's population today is about (a) 100,000; (b) 150,000; ( c) 250,000; (d) 500,000.

5. At one  time, which of the following was seriously considered for Torrance? (a) a major harbor; (b) the state capitol; (c) Knott's Berry Farm; (d) what became UCLA.

6. Torrance 's first female elected official was (a) Katy Geissert; (b) Isabel Henderson;  (c) Herma Tillim; (d) Harriett Leech.

7. Torrance 's longest serving mayor was (a) Ken Miller; (b) Jim Armstrong; (C) Albert Isen (d) Dee Hardison.

8. Torrance 's Airport is named after (a) an Olympic hero; (b) an early mayor; (c) a businessman; (d) an early farmer.

9. All existing campuses in the Torrance School District are more than how many years old?  (a) 30; (b) 40 (c) 50; (d) 60.

10. The Torrance School District seceded from Los Angeles Schools because residents felt (a) local' education was inadequate; (b) LA bureaucracy was far away and hard to work with; (c) the city was losing tax money; (d)  they wanted to do it their way; (e) all of the above.

11. Del Amo Shopping was named for (a) a Spanish land grantee; (b)  a relative of the grantee; (c) a famous general; (d) an early mission friar; (e) love, Spanish meaning of "amo".

12. Torrance school graduates have become (a) noted entertainment personalities; (b) assistant Secretaries of Defense; (c) a president of MGM Studios; (d) school superintendents; (e) athletic coaches; (f) all of the above.

13. Torrance 's Armed Forces Day Parade honors (a) the Army; (b) Navy; (c) Air Force; (d) Marines; (e) Coast Guard;  (f) all the services.

14. The large Walteria Lake in early South Torrance occurred because of (a) sumps overflowing; (b) springs in the PV Hills; (c) excess water during the rainy season; (d) winter storms in the Pacific Ocean.

15. Torrance 's first and longest-serving school superintendent was (a) Evelyn Carr; (b) Howard Wood; (c) J.H. Hull; (d) Sam Levy.

16. The former Torrance Cty Hall in downtown Torrance is now occupied by the (a)  Bank of America; (b) La Capilla Restaurant; (c) Time-Warner Cable; (d) Salvation Army.

17. Torrance's old library in downtown Torrance is now occupied by the (a) State Unemployment Office; (b) Red Car Brewery; (c) Home Savings & Loan; (d) Torrance Historical Society.

18. The Depot Restaurant  in today's downtown Torrance used to be (a) a hotel; (b) a  Pacific Electric Red Car station; (c) a bus depot; (d) a Pony Express stop.

19. Which of the following were not animal numerous residents before 1950? (a) pigs; (b) ostriches; (c) turkeys; (b) cows.

20. Torrance 's largest employer today is (a) the Torrance School District ; (b) Toyota ; (c)  Honda; (d) McDonald's.


21. A major Torrance scandal in 1971 was  a plot to (a) blow up City Hall; (b) kill the school superintendent; (c) shoot down the Goodyear Blimp; (d) set off a bomb at a football game.


Click here for the answers.